Strat List

Strat NameDescription
Warloard KephessKephess was a Trandoshan male mercenary leader and warlord at the time of the Cold War. He was the commander of the infamous mercenary unit, the Warstalkers. The Republic military hired them due to manpower shortages with the intention of securing the planet Denova for its strategic supply of Baradium and to hold the invasion force of the similarly interested Sith Empire at bay. During a battle with the Imperial forces, however, he was fatally injured but was miraculously saved by the Dread Masters, at this time rogues on the run from the Empire, who imbued Kephess with some of their considerable power. This lead to Kephess' full recovery and he became capable of performing physical feats beyond that of typical Trandoshans. The Dread Masters' selected Kephess to be their “chosen one,” their instrument to spread terror and violence across the Galaxy.
SOASoa, also known as The Infernal One, was an extremely powerful Force-sensitive male Rakata who had been imprisoned in the Eternity Vault on Belsavis for nearly twenty thousand years prior to the Galactic War. During a bombing run by the Imperial military, the section of prison in which Soa was imprisoned was discovered.
Karagga The UnyieldingKaragga, known as Karagga the Unyielding, was a Hutt crime lord that lived in the years of the Cold War
Operator IX: Story ModeOperator IX was the designation of a battle droid

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