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All new members begin as Heritics.  

Level 10 ==> Initiate.   

Level 20 ==> Lunatic

Level 30 ==> Harrower

Level 40 ==> Cultist

Level 50 ==> Overseer 

Overlords The Sovereign grants this rank to the Overseer who have shown that they are consistently helpful to other members of this guild .

Darths are appointed by the Guld Master and serve as Assistant Guild Masters.  Only a subscribed player's main toon can become a Darth.



As you gain in in-game rank your responsibilites will increase.  So will the goodies that the Sovereign (aka Guild Master) and other officers send your way from time to time.  Higher-ranking guildies are asked to keep an eye on our lower-ranked guildmates, helping them through difficut quests, Heroics, and Flashpoints.  Higher-ranking guildies are also responsible for monitoring their fellow guildie's game-play, reporting both good and bad behaviors to one of the officers.  Good reports coming from fellow guild members are likely to result in promotions beyond Overseer.


Bank Access

In-game ranks determine a toon's degree of access to the Guild Bank.  Initiates and above have access the Guild Bank.  Overseers and above have access to the Officer's Tab.  As a toon increases in rank it will be permitted to withdraw more and more gear and credits. 

The Guild pays for repairs; this will be important to you as you level-up.  We also permit toons to withdraw credits to help them with their crafting.  Once you have reached Level 50, please begin depositing credits whenever you can.  How much you deposit is up to you.



Recruiting is done by Cultists,OverseerOverlords, Darths and the Sovereign.  If you are approached by someone who wants to join us, whisper one of these with the proper ranks  and ask them to invite your new friend into our guild.  Naturally, you are expected to invite players who will be an asset to our guild.  Please don't make hasty judgements.  Play with someone a couple of times and ask them leading questions before you decide to invite them.  Remember, we are looking for active players, not a bunch of alts.


Rank Advancement / Demotion



Rank Permissions:


Initate & Harrower: Have access to the Guild Bank's tabs.


Cultist: Can now recruit.


Overseer: Can recruit and view Officer Chat.


Overlord: Can recruit, view/type in Officer Chat, and has access in the Guild Bank without limit.


Darth: Can recruit, view/type in Officer Chat, promote and demote characters, edit some in-game Guild info, and has access in the Guild Bank without limit


Sovereign: Has full permissions.


Rank advancements and demotions are done by Darths, and the Sovereign. 



     Do not promote a character until it has reached its proper level .  Only the Sovereign can grant early promotions for meritorious achievement.


    Do not demote unless you have fully discussed it with Sovereign and received his permission to do the deed. 


Demotions need not be permanent.  How a member reacts to the discipline is the key thing.  If you truely repent and have learned a lesson then you will be reinstated to your previous rank.


Expulsion From The Guild

Bank theft, bad attitudes, or an unfriendly playing-style will get you kicked out of the guild.  Fair warning: Our Guild Master is not afraid to kick bad apples out of the barrel.

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