Guild Rules

Our rules are pretty standard, but we post them just to make sure that everyone is on the same page.


  • Please help your guildmates.  When you first log-on switch to Guild Chat and make an offer of help.
  • Please do not use profanity on Guild Chat.  This is a family-oriented guild.
  • Please do not tease or insult members of the opposite sex.
  • Please do not troll; that is, do not make incendiary remarks just to stir up trouble.
  • Please be patient with new players.  Answer their questions and guide them to this Website for future self-help.
  • Please be patient when making requests for help.  Splash screens mask the Chat window.  Players who are in combat will not be able to respond right away.  It may take a while for responding players to reach a logical stopping spot.



  • Please level your crafting skill to 400 in a timley manner. 
  • Please make a concerted effort to learn all of the "purple" patterns or recipies, using the Reverse Engineering process.
  • Please craft items for your guildmates, upon request.
  • Please do not expect crafters to use their materials to make something for you.
  • Please do your research and gather the needed materials before you ask for crafting help.  Use the in-game mail to send the materials.
  • Please be a good guildmate and pay your own way.


Promotion Policy

  • See Rank Ladder. 


Guild Bank Etiquette (future)

  • Please do not take items from the guild bank and sell them for personal gain. 
  • Please do not sell "purple" or "blue" gear that you can't use.  Put it in the guild bank instead.
  • Please do not deposit "green"items in the guild bank.
  • Officers will remove "green" items from the guild bank and sell them, but the proceeds will be deposited in the bank.
  • Please do not take "purple" items for your companions' use.
  • "Orange" items are fair game; place them on any character or companion.
  • Please deposit credits from time to time.  How much you give is up to you.
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